Nick Mataragas

During the day Nick Mataragas works as a Graphics teacher at a medium sized high school. At night, when not striking out with the ladies, he writes and improvises at The Comedy Shrine in lovely Aurora Illinois. Nick considers himself to be an unappreciated genius. Most others consider him an annoyance. 

A man of partially Greek heritage, Nick is loyal, loud, sarcastic, and covered in hair. Growing up, Nick was chased around the house by his grandfather who would brandish his belt like Indiana Jones. He still looks up to his grandfather, not physically.


Nick grew up in Dekalb Illinois, a far far west suburb of Chicago. It is cold there in the winter, and there is a lot of corn. That is Dekalb in a nutshell. Oh, there is also a university there. Nick attended it. He completed the amazing feat of receiving a bachelor’s degree in five and a half years.


Mataragas considers himself incredibly intelligent. He has consistently beaten people in trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings, taken the Jeopardy test multiple times, and publicly mocks people of an inferior intellect. He has never qualified for Jeopardy.