We are having 2 sessions of Improv Camp for kids and teens!
Our Kid’s & teen’s Improv Camp is a great way to have your kids learn how to work as part of an ensemble, learn how to perform on stage, and make new friends!
Not to mention it gives you a couple of kid-free hours during the middle of the day, so everybody wins!

June 20th -24th 2017 (show on 24th) or July 18th -22nd 2017(show on 22nd)

Ages 10-14 11am-1pm
Ages 15-19 2pm-4pm
Class is Tue-Fri, show on Saturday @2pm

Normally $250.00 per session, but the first ten callers get $100.00 off– limited space – Hurry they’ ll fill-up fast. Call the box office to register.

There are many benefits for a child/teen to be trained in Improv
1. Teaches them to think on their feet/ out of the box
2. Promotes a team player mentality
3. Teaches methods to aid in public speaking
4. Overall just plain fun