Successful improvisation stems from having a supportive environment that allows students to trust their fellow improvisers. That support and trust allows players to take greater risks, gain confidence in their choices, themselves, and their fellow students. This, in turn, leads students to surrender to the fun of play and discovery. Contact Us or call the Box Office (630) 585-0300 to register for classes.

Adult Level 1 Improv Class with Bill Russell

Teaches the fundamentals of improvisation for the non-professional actor. This class is also good for the actor with little to no experience in improv. Build self-confidence, develop your creativity, experiment, have fun, and make new friends.

New session starting June 14th!

Day & Time: Tuesday 7-9:30pm. 8 weeks.
Cost: $250.00


Adult Level 2 & 3 Improv Class with Second City’s Tim O’Malley

In Levels 2 & 3, students practice and experience a deeper understanding of improv. Through play, exercises and games, improvisers learn the importance of making strong decisions and how they can successfully discover, create and develop scenes with others. Abilities are refined through the introduction to the guidelines and principle which helps makes improv fun and engaging.

Start Date: June 28th

Day & Time: Tuesdays 7-9:30pm 8 Weeks.
Cost: $250.00

Call our box office (630) 585-0300 to sign up!

Advanced Improv and Acting with Melvin Kim

This class allows seasoned improviser the opportunity to develop their improv knowledge and abilities with acting fundamentals and techniques. Using exercises and scene work, improvisers will learn to expand the elements of character development, scenic work, and physical range. Experience performing improv is a requirement for this class.

Start Date: TBD

Day & Time: Wednesdays 7-9:30pm
Cost: $250.00

Call our box office (630) 585-0300 to sign up!