Week after week, The Comedy Shrine delivers a stellar lineup of the best local and national comedians to tickle your funny bone. The diverse performers and their insights will have you laughing in so many ways. Come see what makes The Comedy Shrine one of the funniest places on earth. Enjoy our never boring, always hilarious entertainment. Stand-up @ The Comedy Shrine features the best stand-up talent in the country. You have seen our upcoming comedians on HBO, Comedy Central, A&E, BET, ABC, NBC, Showtime, and on so many other networks, so why not see them live?

This week we bring you something special;
The Clean Comedy Challenge!

Thursday, July 13th-
2:00pm:  Registration and Welcome with Leslie Norris Townsend
5:00pm: Stand up comedy Seminar: with Bill Gorgo & Dobie Maxwell
7:00pm: call time for comics, Meet & greet with Jimmy McHugh

8:30pm Show Time!

Friday, July 14th-
12:00pm: Recap of day’s agenda with Leslie Norris Townsend
1:00pm: Improv Comedy Seminar: with Dave Sinker
3:30pm: Critiques with Bill Gorgo & Dobie Maxwell
7:30pm: Meet & Greet with Dwayne Kennedy @ Meridian Park Suites

8:30pm  & 10:30pm Show Time!

Saturday, July 15th-
12:00pm: Recap for finals with Leslie Norris Townsend and Joby Saad
1:00pm: Stand up comedy Seminar: with Eddie Brill (working your funny)

8:00pm Show Time – Finalists

10:30pm Show Time – Final Three

Sunday, July 16th-
Christian Comedy Showcase (location & time TBA)

To purchase tickets for any of the shows call the Comedy Shrine box office or follow the ticket link.
Sign-ups for participating in the Challenge contact Leslie

Day and Time:
Thursday, July 13th
Friday, July 14th
Saturday, July 15th
Sunday, July 16th (TBA)

$15.00 per person
(two drink minimum)